Get Your Ex Back

You still can't believe that your relationship has come to an end and now, you are going through separation period with your ex. What on earth has went wrong with what was a perfect relationship? So, you do you need advice on how you can win your ex back ?

But just before you start on feeling so depressed and face the reality, let us take a look at some options you can have to win him/her back.

Number 1. Don't feel sorry of yourself - yes it is true that this is a hard time that you are going through but now isn't the time to let your emotions the best of you and lose your head. It will be easy if you are going to sit and feel sorry for yourself. On the other hand, you should know that this will not help you to win your ex back . The right thing to do is to devise a plan.

Number 2. Spruce up yourself - okay, it must not surprise you to know that there are some men or women who are superficial. It is proven that most men think of how they can get girls to bed. Men oftentimes are wired differently from women and their thoughts of sex can enter their brain few times a day, whereas research showed that these thoughts only enter to a woman's brain once a day. So now, do you see what you are up against with? You should exert the effort to look appealing and attractive to his natural healthy drive to be able to get him back.

Number 3. Make friends with their friends - say that you still have contact with some of your ex's friends, then you better start campaigning to make impressions on them. You will be able to kill two birds with one stone by doing this. First, you can get insider info regarding the things that he is up to and you can have his friends to put good words for you with him.

Number 4. Be independent - these days, only a number of men are expecting women to be dependent on them. As a matter of fact, some run a mile if they think that you are so reliant on him. So better take some time during your separation to find new hobbies, take up a sport, learn how to play an instrument, learn a new language, join a club and so on. Basically, exert the effort to make yourself less dependent and more interesting. Read more about this at .